Remembering Winthrop + Supporting Senior Dogs

Remembering Winthrop + Supporting Senior Dogs

Winthrop Clothing Co.

Happy Monday! Here’s a SUPER old throwback photo of Winthrop and me. 🥰This was a few years before I started Winthrop Clothing Co. Winthrop must’ve been about 13 years old in this picture. I also had no idea that I wanted to start a business making dog clothing and accessories.

During this time, I was in VCUarts studying fashion design and learning how to make garments for humans. I was also enjoying my free time with Winthrop and my partner. We would take Winthrop with us EVERYWHERE. Winthrop got to enjoy so many adventures with us, including attending college parties.😂 He was the only dog I knew on campus and people would always recognize him. 

For as long as I knew Winthrop, he was a senior dog. When I first met him in college, I was one of those people (I hate to admit it) that said that they did not like dogs. To be honest, I had bad experiences with dogs as a kid and ultimately loved cats more (despite being very allergic). Winthrop changed that. Something about him made me instantly change my mind and things took off from there. I became a dog lover and did a lot of dog mom things. My partner and I documented a lot of those moments. I plan on sharing more of those stories and photos as time allows it. 

Gray Face Acres


Photos above by Gray Face Acres.

After hearing about this wonderful non-profit called Gray Face Acres from @finn_of_dc and learning about what they do for senior dogs, I knew I wanted to help. In the past, I have donated my handmade items to organizations and rescues. However, having gone through the experience with caring for Winthrop as senior dog, I knew that they needed monetary donations more than anything.


Gray Face Acres senior dog rescue are giving senior dogs a chance to enjoy the rest of their well-deserved lives despite their unfortunate circumstances. I share the same passion for senior dogs and want to support their efforts with what they do. They have rescued over 600 dogs since they started in 2016 and 120 dogs in 2020 alone! 

With that said, I will be donating a portion of my sales next month, April, to Gray Face Acres. I encourage you all to consider learning more about what they do and helping out in any way you can. Whether it’s fostering a senior dog, purchasing from my shop, donating directly to their non-profit, or like/sharing/commenting on their posts to bring more awareness. Anything helps!

Below is what Jade Conner from GFA had to say: 

"The most important thing about our work is that we are defined by our love for seniors. The forgotten. The left behind. The broken. We have contacts at shelters who reach out to us directly about dogs that have zero chance of even being seen by the public. These are usually extreme neglect and abuse cases, and we welcome those transformations. I call them transFURmations. 😁 We have had an uptick in families reaching out to us directly because a family member has died from COVID and they need placement for a dog. This has happened with dogs in poor physical condition and dogs that are in good health and have been clearly loved and cherished. It’s an honor to take in dogs from any situation, both those situations have been kind of at the forefront recently and we are trying to keep up. 

We need more fosters in the DC metro area! (Links are all in our bio)"

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I'm excited to be donating a portion of my sales next month to Gray Face Acres. x Nia-col







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