Thanks a melon!

Thanks a melon!

Hi there!

I wanted to take the time here to say thank you to everyone who has supported Winthrop Clothing Co and me these past few years. I'm so excited to have created a website that will be a more permanent "home" for all things W.C.C. It's been quite a process, but I am so happy to finally share everything with you all!

Putting a website together was no easy task. I'm SUPER thankful for all the people who have encouraged and helped me along the way! xx

This year I wanted to share more personal stories and create more of community of dogs and their loving pet parents. This blog will now be the place to tell those stories.

I meet new and returning customers every year especially when I participate in local events. I enjoy catching up with customers and hearing about their pets. It always warms my heart hearing stories about when they first purchased my handmade items or about their pet's first experience wearing them. For the new customers that I've met, it's been emotionally rewarding to see their reactions when they visit my booth (usually a face of "OMG! THESE BOW TIES ARE SO CUTE AND THEY'RE FOR DOGS!").

Lastly, all the customers that I've met through the internet, I'm so grateful for the feedback and positive responses. Knowing that something I made has traveled as far as the UK, Canada, and all over the U.S.A. is amazing in itself. All in all, it's these encounters and conversations that have kept me motivated to continue Winthrop Clothing Co. 


~ Nia-col

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