Recap: Spring 2019

Recap: Spring 2019

Our Spring 2019 Collection was inspired by plants.

I focused on three particular fabric prints for this collection as I introduced a 'new and improved' design for my dog bandanas. Previously, I made dog bandanas that required a dog collar to properly wear the bandana (pictured below). For the new design, I wanted a bandana that could easily be worn and attached without a dog collar. All Winthrop Clothing Co. dog bandanas will be made with the new design going forward. 

dog bandanadog bandana

As a dog mom and plant lover, the Spring 2019 Collection was seamlessly created with lots of love. My love of plants grew as I became interested in finding ways to make my workspace more tranquil and balanced. Being surrounded with plants keeps me at peace and helps with improving air quality. There are a bunch of benefits to having indoor plants! So why not enjoy it and have your furry pet wear it?! Overall, I enjoyed picking out the fabrics as well as adding a new style of bandanas to the new website! Thank you to everyone who purchased my handmade items. I appreciate the support and positive feedback. :) 

Recap: Spring 2019


Here are the three fabrics I choose: Monstera, Cactus, and Tropical Leaves

dog bandana

Duncan and Yoshi wearing our new bandanas! 


The Monstera Dog Bandana on Duncan (Small) and Yoshi (Medium). 

Which one is your favorite!?






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