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Our New 2022 Collection

Happy New Year! 
To kick off 2022, I redesigned our dog collars by adding an additional size. Previously, our collars were sized at S/M and M/L to match our dog bow ties. When I first added dog collars to our shop, they were paired with a matching bow tie and sold as a set (pictured below). There were a few issues that I had with these matching bow tie collar sets and wanted to change. We now carry size small, medium, and large dog collars. Hooray!
Dog Collar Bow Tie
Our 2017 Dog Bow Tie Collar
Winthrop Clothing Co. dogs
I also created a core collection of eight solid colored fabrics for Winthrop Clothing Co. goods. These will be our classic colors for all of our handmade items. This means our customers can now order custom items made with these fabrics for a quick turnaround time! ...And of course, if you don't see a color or fabric you like, I can also create a custom item based on your preference. 
Winthrop Clothing Co.         
The above photos were the inspiration for the fabrics I picked for this collection. I color matched fabrics based on these flat lay photos I took in 2016. With the new additions, you can easily mix-n-match items within our shop! For example, a solid colored dog collar with a fun fabric print bow tie.
I also added new sailor bows and hair bows for dogs. This collection was months in the making and I'm excited to finally share it with you. Enjoy!
x Nia-col
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