Apple Picking with Duncan

Apple Picking with Duncan

Fall is here!

One of things I love to do around this time of year is to go out to local orchards. I love to pick fruit and shop fresh picked goods/local honey.
Last year, my boyfriend and I came across this orchard in Pennsylvania. It was a last minute stop on our trip back to D.C. (which was why I was not prepared; don't wear flip flops to orchards). The orchard allowed dogs which we were quite happy to see. We were the only people who brought a dog while everyone else brought their kids. #dogpeople
Here are some photos below:
Duncan enjoyed the orchard and especially his ride in the wagon! :)
One thing I remember distinctly about this trip was Duncan's smelly incident. While I was picking apples, Duncan looked like he was having a blast sniffing the grass and rolling around. At the time, I thought it was cute and decided to record him having the time of his life (see the video @Winthrop_Clothing_Co)... little did I know that he was rolling around in something foul and dead. By the time my boyfriend and I got to the parking lot, we noticed the rotten smell coming from Duncan. Apparently, dogs like to roll in dead smelly things to cover their scent. It was gross and the first time that I've experienced it as a dog owner.
Luckily, we had some wet wipes in the car to clean most of the stinky mud off Duncan's back. We made sure we had the windows rolled down on the car ride back home. I will never forget this moment and still laugh about it to this day! 
~ Nia-col

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